August 18, 2009 is a day that would forever change my life as I knew it. This day was the day that I became the father of a beautiful baby boy. Although he was born at just 27 weeks old and only 1 lb 13oz he was healthy and he was breathing on his own. You see, that day I promised that little boy that his daddy would do everything in his power to be the best daddy that I could possibly be. Over 6 years later I feel I have done a pretty good job so far. I love everything about being a father. It’s taught me so much more about who I am as a person and it has made me a better man.

Many times we hear the stories of dead beat Dads and fathers that are only there financially but want no parts of a relationship with their children. The media pumps this message through the news, television shows, print, and even commercials.It seems that society speaks loudly and draws as much attention as it can when pointing out our faults, yet turn their heads and only whispers behind the scenes about our accolades and our success. This has been so deeply rooted that even our own people have bought in to the propaganda.They say that there are very few black men that love and take care of the children .As the father of beautiful six year old son, I couldn’t even begin to imagine not playing a very significant role in the life and upbringing of my son. I am not the only black man with a child or children that feel this way.

It always does my heart good when I see fathers and their children out enjoying the time they are spending together. I really feel that the bond that a father has with his sons and daughters are just as important and necessary as those bonds that those children have with their mothers. I guess I am fortunate to have been raised by a great dad and mom that always instilled the impotence of family and taking care of those you love at all cost. At 36 year of age my Father is still the one man that I look up to still strive to emulate in my role as a father and a man. As I get older I often find myself recalling lessons that were thought to me over the years. Many of which I will pass on to my own son as he grows into a man. Even though my son’s mother and I are no longer together as husband and wife my goal has always been to make sure we still are able to work well together as mommy and daddy.

Men, your child is the most precious and important gift that you could ever receive. No matter the circumstance always fight for you right to be a part of your children's life. If we don’t stand up as men and embrace this God given duty we are destroying our own futures.

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  1. Hey, Congrats on your blog hon! Google+ sent me a notification awhile ago about new posts and I kept forgetting to check it. Continue to share, encourage, and motivate...

  2. Proud of you bro knowing first hand the work you put in, lets not get it twisted being a day is a job but what you're doing is training like your pops did for you your son is a leader in training not just to carry the load but much much more