Measure of a Man

What makes a man a man? I am sure that many woman and men alike have pondered this question since the beginning of time and will continue to until the end of it, if the question is not answered. Well, here is what I think a man is. I believe that being a man goes much deeper than just one day being the person in the house that gets the big piece of the I feel that being a man is a great responsibility and a privilege given to us from God himself. We where put here to be the providers and protectors of our families, our communities, and even our countries. So, my question is why are so many males afraid to become men? As I sat down to write this blog my mind ran on the man that gave me the blue print of what being a man was about. That man is my father. Growing up we were not rich by any means, yet I can’t remember a time where there was anything that we needed or wanted that we didn't have. I remember the early Saturday morning wake ups. While my friends where watching cartoons, I was in our yard cutting grass, in the forest chopping fire wood, or just out with my dad doing odd jobs for friends and relatives. I always wondered why I couldn't just do kid stuff all day like my friends. Then I would remember my Dad telling me that men work first and play later. When I was old enough to work I thought I was the man! I had finally gotten to the point where I could buy myself some fresh Nike's and some cool name brand cloths for school. I remember bringing my first pay check home just thinking about all the things I would by myself. My dad told me to give my mom some money save some for myself and to put the rest in the bank. You Know I was pissed right? When I asked why I had to give away my money or even save it my dad told me that men takes care of those who take care of them and always plan have some resource to fall back on if hard times where to come along. This are just a couple example that help me to realized at a young age that becoming a man wasn't something that you where supposed to take lightly.

So what is a real man? To me a real man knows who he is and where he is going. Although he will face many obstacles and setbacks in his life (especially as a black man) he is determined to reach his destiny. Real man put their God and family first no matter what. A real man keeps his word and earns the respect of all that he comes in contact with. A man never compromises what he believes nor does he let others treat him as any less of the man that he has proven himself to be. A man is loyal to those who are loyal to him and respects those who treat him and his family with respect. Men are not envious of other men because he knows that if there is anything in life he wants all he as to do is work toward obtaining it. Real have no need to boast and bring about being a man because all other real men and women recognize him to be without him saying a word.

So there you have it. A real man in a nutshell. As you can see in my description of a man you found no reference to the kind of car he drives, the type of job he holds, the amount of women he has slept with, nor how much money he has in Why?  Manhood is not something that you can buy in a store. I hope you all enjoyed my take on manhood and if you have anything to add please hit me up!

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