Self Love: The missing Link to total Happiness

Love is a beautiful thing! It makes you happy when you’re sad. It makes life worth living when things are not going as well as we want them to. Love is such an amazing force. Many of us search the world to find true love and will stop at nothing to obtain its joys and pleasures in their own lives. So, how do we find this elusive jewel we call love? Well, true love can be found much closer than you think. The reason is that true love starts from within you! Yes, you didn’t misread what I wrote. The love you have been searching for all of this time begins from within you. Self love is the foundation for all love that you have or will attract into your life. It is also the only way to attract others into our lives that truly love and appreciate us for who we are. The lack of self love has the complete opposite effect on our lives. It dooms us to a life of fear and uncertainty never really feeling that we deserved the love and happiness that we so hunger for naturally as human beings. Many of us attempt to hide our lack of self love in our careers, our material possessions, and even who we date and marry. Unfortunately, deep inside we still feel that our lives are still missing a link that is prevents us from totally happiness. What does it take to find self love? I’m glad you asked! Self love can only be discovered and cultivated by one having knowledge of self. Knowledge of self is the discovery and full embracing of who you are as and individual. It allows you to fully accept who you are and what makes you unique and special in the world. No matter your race, gender, or social economic background. In order for others to show you the love and respect that you are searching for, you must have that same love and respect for who you are. Then and only then will you be able to radiate the positive love energy that will in turn attract to you the people, things, and circumstances that you desire. Let’s stop expecting others to love us before we have given ourselves the opportunity first.Self love is the missing link between you and the totally happiness you seek.

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