The Black Family: Where the Real Revolution Begins

For those who know me personally you will know that I am passionate about a few things: My 6 year old son Kaidyn, My family, the current state of blacks in our society, as well as my spiritual growth and evolution as a man to name just a few. In this article I am going to speak on a subject that combines those passions. The black family is the cornerstone to the rebuilding and sustaining of the black community as a whole. We must understand that because of that fact our families are under a full blown attack by those who see our unification as a people as a threat to their interests. We have endured so much in the way of keeping our families together. The separation of families during slavery, The murder and mass incarceration of our men leaving women to raise children alone, poverty and government systems that require the removal of men from household where low income mothers receive government assistance services, and the list goes on and on! Through all of our struggles the black family has continued to emerge victorious despite the attempts to dismantle it at every angle.
I was blessed to grow up in a two parent household where my parents; where and still are until this day, my biggest heroes.  I also have an army of aunts and uncles that for the most part all have families of their own. Some of the happiest times in my life where all based around my family. Holiday dinners, family trips, weddings, and even funerals we all always supported each other, in our times of joy and sorrow. “Nothing is more important than family” was a motto that I adopted at a young age. I knew that every day wasn’t Sunday, but I felt and witnessed that with a strong family structure no challenge or tragedy could break our bond. Many people say times change and we should be willing to make adjustments to keep up. Although, I do agree with that in most things, I feel like the fundamentals should not change. The fundamentals are the foundation in which we build strong families, communities, and children that the go on to continue this process ensuring the survival of the black race. We have gotten away from the fundamentals in our quest for acceptance into the dominate society. We traded family and community for independence and the “illusion” of inclusion into a system that was never meant to accommodate us as free human beings.  Now we are quickly seeing the destruction of our communities, schools, and the family unit itself. 

 So why is the "Black" family so important? First we have to take a look at the family structure as a whole. There is really no "typical" family these days, so I will just use my family structure as a way to illustrate the roles of a black family.  Father (Daddy) - The masculine energy in the household that is the protector, provider, teacher, and guiding force of the family. He leads and governs his family with love and respect. Next we have the Mother (Momma), the feminine energy, nurturer of her husband and children, spiritual center for the family, and in my opinion the glue that holds the family together. Children are basically little husbands/wives and Moms/Dads in
So now that we have done a quick description of the family structure we can now explore why it is so important that we begin to really take a look at its importance to the black nation as a whole. Dr. Claude Anderson said in one of his lectures that "black people don’t have one community in this whole country. We have neighborhoods but no communities" He goes on to explain the communities is where a race of people hold and control their wealth and economic bases, educate their children, and hold their history and culture. By now you might see where I’m going with this. 

I titled this piece The Black family: Where the real revolution begins. I believe that the repairing of the black family structure and the rebuilding of our communities are an essential part of the revolution. What do I mean by revolution? In this case I am just referring to a collective awakening of the masses based around the fact that we must unify in order for us to all elevate our race to its former pre trans-Atlantic-slave trade glory. When our people created dynasties that have yet to be equaled to this day. We must begin pool our economic resources to rebuild and repopulate our neighborhoods and build strong self-sufficient communities. We must use our greatest minds to create comprehensive curriculums that will properly educate and prepare our children and us as adults to finance, build, and operate our own community banks, businesses, and schools of thought. The black family is the seed that must be planted and nurtured in order for us to harvest true freedom and independence in this society. It sounds like such a large order but I feel we are the generation for the job. Let’s be proud, let’s be unified, and let’s be free!


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