Welcome to my latest blog! Black Love and Relationships: A Black Mans perspective.


There are hundreds if not thousands of book and blogs on the topic of love and relationships. However, I feel that most of them don't really speak to the unique makeup of black relationships. I feel that many of these publications do not give a black man’s perspective on love and relationships. Believe it or not black men desire healthy and loving relationships just as much as our female counterparts. Despite the media depictions of black men being afraid to commit to black women. In my opinion most of the blogs and relationship books that I have read are written to appeal to women for the purpose of selling books.

A little about me. I am a 37 year old divorced black man and a father of a handsome 7 year old son. I am also a published author, blogger, and most importantly a black man that is passionate about the success of black relationships, black families, and the rebuilding of strong black communities.
 My blogs take an UN-bias look at black relationships and the state of African Americans in every aspect of our daily lives; based on my own experiences and observations. My goal has been to create an interactive platform where black men and women can gain a better understanding one another. I also share my views about the barriers that we face as African Americans on our journey to cultivate healthy and fulfilling relationships, as well as how we can work together to build Stronger more productive communities.

  I have written articles for publications such as: My Urban Access Magazine (www.myurbanaccess.com), ThyBlackMan.com (thyblackman.com), as well as, SwagHer Magazine (swagher.net). You can find my blog at (blackloveandrelationships.blogspot.com). My first book; Success is what "You" say it is!, can be found at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com. I am also owner of Black Privilege Apparel LLC. (www.myblackprivilegeapparel.com) Our clothing line promotes positive thoughts and images as it relates to the “Privilege” of the being Black. Please feel free to contact us with topic ideas and feedback at kendricksnipe@gmail.com. You may also follow us on twitter @blackluvandrel2 and Instagram @mrblackprivilegeapparel.

I am looking forward to sharing my perspective on the current state of black relationships as well as hearing yours.  Once again welcome and I hope you enjoy reading and sharing you input within this platform. Have a wonderful day. I wish each and every one of you all the love and happiness your heart desires.

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