How Men Know When to Call It Quits!

Relationships can be challenging but it is important to understand when one has run its course and is not in the best interest of the individuals involved. I am in no way advocating taking the easy way out. But I do believe we must understand unnecessary drama, disrespect, and conflict are unhealthy connotations when it comes to the development of a happy and healthy relationship. This article will explore the reasons men walk away from a relationship that does not constitute happiness and continued-positive growth.

There is an excessive amount of role reversal in our communities. Through the systematic programming of television, media, and education many of our sisters are becoming conditioned to think and act like men. Despite what Steve Harvey believes, role reversal is not a good thing. At the end of the day, a heterosexual “alpha male” has no desire to be with a female that “thinks like a man.” In fact, that very same mentality is what causes many “good” men to distance themselves from women who believe thinking this is okay.

Black men are struggling to make their way in a society that blatantly rejects their right to be a man. Racial profiling, economic castration, and the constant attempt to dehumanize and feminize black men are several issues that most men have to deal with on a daily bases. Choosing the right woman can either build a man’s esteem and confidence making it less opposing to face these challenges; while adversely choosing the wrong women will surely lead to his demise. When a man finally decides to take on the responsibility of being committed to a woman, there are a few red flags he must pay attention to in order to determine if he should call it quits or move on.  


Top 5 Red Flags

-DISRESPECT- Speaking negatively to a man, promoting physical abuse to intentionally harm him, and even talking loudly to him in public or in front of  his children is disrespectful and constitutes evaluation of the relationship.

-Constant Drama –Senseless arguments about trivial topics and issues that really in no way help the growth of the relationship. Peace is what men seek and need after fighting for his place in this negatively impacted society.

-Un-Appreciative of a Man’s Efforts -A man who loves and cares for a woman will do everything in his power and within his means to provide a woman’s needs, wants, and desires. When woman appreciates or is grateful for what her man does for her, as his position grows (in life, work, career) he will ensure that her appreciation is rewarded.

-Nagging- Always understand that your man is your equal. Be respectful of the fact that he is not a child and a woman has no right to nag, complain, scold or discipline a grown ass man.

-Verbal Castration- Using words to demean a man only reinforces that rudeness is a weak man/woman’s strength. Self-respecting men will not allow this type of abuse from any one; especially his woman. Most black men get far more than their fair share of this from society daily.


When it’s all said and done a man wants to feel loved, needed, and respected. Because of  the systematic attacks on a black man’s manhood, he needs and desires to be with a women that understands him, respects him, supports him, and loves him no matter what. Once he realizes that he is not getting that from the woman he is dating or seeking a commitment with, he will move on. No matter how hard it is for him to do so. Black women are the measuring stick or set the standards, per say, of how the world views her man. If a black men cannot find peace and refuge in the arms and hearts of his woman then he is truly lost in this world.



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